WPMU Global Search

Easily search through all blogs into your WordPress MU posts by post title, post content or post author. WPMU Global Search can manage multiple search forms.

Currently in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish (es_ES)

If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send gettext .po and .mo files to me so that I can bundle it into WPMU Global Search.

This plugin isn’t compatible with WP 3 Multisites but I’m developing new plugin based on the last version of WPMU Global Search. WPMU Global Search is incompatible with WP 3 because it uses some deprecated functions and database tables are diferent.


  • MySQL 5.0.1 or greater.


  • WPMU Global Search Widget. Show a search form in your sidebar.
  • Customizable results page URI.


  • Two different types of forms, vertical and horizontal.
  • Search results are showed in a page which contents the shortcode:
  • Entries on every site across your installation appear in search results immediately after publication.
  • Receive results from your complete blog network, even sites you do not own or control.
  • Customizable style sheet for widget and results page.


Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpmu-global-search/

If plugin works in your WP version, send your vote and push works in the compatibility form.

4 comentarios en «WPMU Global Search»

  1. Hi, I broke the your global search plugin. I think I was messing around with the permalinks trying to get another plugin working. I deactivated and eventually deleted and reinstalled both your WPMU and newer multi sit search. The newer one won’t let me installed giving an error about view rights and different number of columns in the database. The old one installs but all I get is a page not found when trying to do a search.

    What is the difference between the two. I did have the WPMU Global Search working but messed it up. Any help would be appreciated as it is an important plugin for my site.

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