Choosing a profession is important for people to live a happy life. Many factors come to the forefront in making career planning. Family, environment, material income, status, values, and goals affect the choice of profession. It will be beneficial for young people to discover their own talents and interests and to choose professions that they can be happy in the future. What is the choice of profession for young people, choice of profession should be done according to what they need to know about the professions that will survive and not to live in the future? Developing and changing life in the world also affects professions. As some professions have disappeared from the past to the present, some professions will not be in the future or will be replaced by other professions. As a result of research, we see that some professions are done by artificial intelligence and robots. Developments in science and technology show us that professions will change in 2050. We have worked on whether the professions to be selected by high school students will be in the future. While young people have knowledge about what professions will be in the future, it is determined that they do not have knowledge about whether the professions they choose will be in the future. At this point, it would be appropriate to have 2050 professional maps in our country. In addition, according to the changing and evolving needs of our education system, organizing courses and vocational guidance will be more healthy in this direction.

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Fire Sensor for the Visually-Hearing Impaired

Developed project hearing-visually impaired and even decreased the sense of smell to ensure that people are not victims of a fire. Thinking about this situation a sensor attached to the wall or ceiling in an environment that may occur and on the wrists of people, a wrist strap was taken from the sensor. Also considered to be developed in this project design can provide more convenience to people and even in small houses easily It may be used. Nowadays, especially in the case of fire, we particularly consider smart houses there are fire sensors in buildings. However, this project, the fire sensor more a simple mechanism, hearing-visually impaired people at the time of the incident aims to ensure that they leave in a short time.

This project can be considered as a less costly project. also

To use the mechanism in individuals who have no hearing impaired and who have lost their hearing. When they want the sensor, the fire immediately detects the smoke signal to the wristband

light can be provided. To be able to solve many problems in daily life as healthy individuals we have. However, as sensitive individuals, the need for disabled individuals in every sense

We emphasize that we should not forget their place in society.

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A new partner is on board

A very good news from MOVES…

We are happy to announce that the The Center for Inclusive Schools joins WYRED as a new partner. This Center  is one of the few locations in Vienna that offers a multitude of  special and supportive educational settings such as family classes, classes for children with special needs and elementary school integration, as well as multi-level integration classes on secondary 2 level. School life in the Center is characterized by a maximum individualisation and differentiation.

Our 18 new participants are already experienced in political participation as they took part in a co-creation process in the student parliament of their district for newly designing the location around their school.

Though it is not easy at all for them to concentrate for a longer period of time, within two social dialogue-sessions the children already successfully defined the topics and developed the research questions they are interested in.

So what are the ambitious projects they intend to work on in the next weeks? Some will explore the internet to find out how female and male influencers present themselves on YouTube. Some will write a Rap Text about their identities in social media. Others will research the question, how fake-news can be identified in the internet and one further group will define dos and don’ts to be safe when using it. We are very proud to have these young people in the project showing us how inclusion in practice works.

Soon results will be available in their community on the platform – we will go on informig you!

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The children of the refugees


The Students of the Tel Aviv Youth University – a project which enables periphery high-school students to take academic courses on the university – have explored the future society. Representing the young generation perspective, they pointed out dilemmas and issues that they’ll present as a challenge to the decision-makers, locally and globally.

The first phase was a journey of learning and researching various problems related to the current reality and the future of the Israeli society, through tours and lectures in a variety of subjects.

As part of the research, using a “futures wheel” method, the student assumed that robots would do the routine jobs and therefore there won’t be enough jobs left for migrants, who have inappropriate skills. Therefore, the children of the refugees should have the same education as the Israelis, otherwise they will be pushed into a life of poverty and even crime. Following these assumptions, the group chose to deal with the issue of education for refugee children.

During the second phase of the activity, the students received practical tools that enabled them to learn different ways to express their opinions, engage large audiences and reach decision makers like lectures about social activity, lobbying, media workshops and more.

With that knowledge on their mind, the young students wrote down a brief for their campaign: they explained the issue, its relevance to the future society, and the ways that they were willing to act.

 Then they started to film a short commercial to express their message. You can watch the result here:

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