Peaceful coexistence between different religions – Download the mobile app

The Students of the Tel Aviv Youth University – a project which enables periphery high-school students to take academic courses on the university – have explored the future society. Representing the young generation perspective, they pointed out dilemmas and issues that they’ll present as a challenge to the decision-makers, locally and globally.

The first phase was a journey of learning and researching various problems related to the current reality and the future of the Israeli society, through tours and lectures in a variety of subjects.

The young students believed that they should be an example of peaceful coexistence between different religions and culture – Arabs and Jews, religious and secular – that succeeded in bridging the gaps and disagreements, studying and living together. Thus, they wanted to express the idea that there is another way, and argued that people should meet each other (online and offline) and share their common hobbies and interests in order to be more tolerant to other people from different cultures. Thus, they have decided to try creating a mobile app that should help connect between teens based on their common hobbies and interests.

During the second phase of the activity, the students received practical tools that enabled them to learn different ways to express their opinions, engage large audiences and reach decision makers like lectures about social activity, lobbying, media workshops and more.

With that knowledge on their mind, the young students wrote down a brief for their campaign: they explained the issue, its relevance to the future society, and the ways that they were willing to act.

They have described their main tool – the mobile app, explained the vision using a mockup tool. You can watch the presentation that was given during the graduation ceremony to a wide audience including senior representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Education, researchers from Tel Aviv University, visitors from the third sector, educators and the families of the participants (Hebrew).

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Today since children come across technological appliances like tablets, mobile phones, computer in early age they have serious negative impacts related to physical, psychological and social problems besides values. If children busy themselves with these technological tools for a long time, they become unhappy, impatient, aggressive, intolerable, and ill-tempered.

. Knitting as one of traditional handcrafts was realized practically with the chosen 5th grade students in order to bring to light our human values that are passing into oblivion. Since knitting has really many positive impacts on people. Children who are knitting feel happy, peaceful, calm and relieved; besides during and after knitting activity their concentration level increases and they feel proud, also they become mutually more tolerable and sensible so their valuable attitudes as it has been emphasized above develop. Students also produce two kinds of products as scarves, pencil boxes with this activity. They felt proud and enjoyed via presenting these products that they produced as hand work to their friends from other classes so they internalized the amazing feeling of giving a gift to someone as one of our marvelous values.  

We believe if we initiate these kinds of projects to be implemented in our schools, we will be able to succeed to make our students distract serious negative impacts of technology on children so we can enrich our students with crucial values all over.                                   

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