A new partner is on board

A very good news from MOVES…

We are happy to announce that the The Center for Inclusive Schools joins WYRED as a new partner. This Center  is one of the few locations in Vienna that offers a multitude of  special and supportive educational settings such as family classes, classes for children with special needs and elementary school integration, as well as multi-level integration classes on secondary 2 level. School life in the Center is characterized by a maximum individualisation and differentiation.

Our 18 new participants are already experienced in political participation as they took part in a co-creation process in the student parliament of their district for newly designing the location around their school.

Though it is not easy at all for them to concentrate for a longer period of time, within two social dialogue-sessions the children already successfully defined the topics and developed the research questions they are interested in.

So what are the ambitious projects they intend to work on in the next weeks? Some will explore the internet to find out how female and male influencers present themselves on YouTube. Some will write a Rap Text about their identities in social media. Others will research the question, how fake-news can be identified in the internet and one further group will define dos and don’ts to be safe when using it. We are very proud to have these young people in the project showing us how inclusion in practice works.

Soon results will be available in their community on the platform – we will go on informig you!

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The Wyred Project and the voice of young people: Maria Chiara

Does it exist a social media awareness amongst digital natives?
Do they actually know where their data are going to be used and how? Maria Chiara, a student from Roma Tre University, urges the institutions and schools to provide a proper social media education.

The post The Wyred Project and the voice of young people: Maria Chiara appeared first on netWorked Youth Research for Empowerment in the Digital society.

La Pantalla Indiscreta. Redes sociales seguras con jóvenes expertos

Via Scoop.itTICEDUCA-E: TICs Aplicadas a la Educación y E-learning

Será porque últimamente me ha tocado tratar el tema de las redes sociales con adolescentes, universitarios, ancianos, medios de comunicación, cursos, etc., pero he vuelto a toparme con la página de estos 10 amigos, estudiantes de Periodismo de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, y compruebo que siguen documentando con entusiasmo el asunto.
Tiene sentido que sean estudiantes universitarios, que constituyen demográficamente el perfil mayoritario de usuarios de las redes sociales, quienes precisamente se tomen en serio esta tarea. Tiene sentido que sean de Periodismo, porque si hay un profesional para el que el respeto a la intimidad y la veracidad de la información recabada sean tan cruciales como el mismo derecho a informar, ese es el periodista.
En las circunstancias actuales, en las que no es moneda de curso frecuente (ni en los jóvenes ni en muchos periodistas) la protección de la propia intimidad digital ni el respeto por la misma, así como la obligada corroboración de la información a la que ya cualquier ciudadano se debe, y no solo los profesionales de la información, creo que es doblemente meritorio que estos chicos se hayan lanzado a enseñarnos cómo proteger nuestra intimidad en las redes sociales.
En resumen, un blog completamente recomendable. Desde las referencias cinéfilas del título hasta el diseño y las noticias de actualidad.
Via pantallaindiscreta.wordpress.com