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Structuring the Initial Week of a MOOC (or An Online Course)

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My co-worker and friend Dilrukshi Gamage have send me this very helpful article about structuring the initial week on mooc, this subject it’s relevant in the way that a good or bad design can make our courses bored and stop participants to follow it but, if well structured, get a good feedback and motivate and engage participants to follow the course until the end.



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I hope it will be helpful to you too



“One of the topics that we get asked frequently about MOOCS is how to structure the initial / first / orientation week (including everything from the design of the syllabus to the “on-boarding” / scaffolding process to introductory content). And for good reason – that first series of interactions can seriously influence large numbers of learners to keep going or give up. Obviously, since you created the course, you want people to…

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