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MMOOCs: Minimal Massive open online courses

Julia Echeverría Moran:

Cambiando los moocs en el intento de mejorar la calidad de los cursos.
Espero que os guste.
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Dear friends, I am in a line of work trying to conclude that MOOCs should not be so massive, this, in order to make quality education, this does not mean that those should not be free, but to see how can make a filter of interested participant who intend to finish the course, so the quality, feedback, collaborative work would be possible and for us, teachers and course designers, could use the free tools that otherwise is it impossible to handle, which is why I’m doing a research on how to improve MOOCs changing the acronym to MMoocs.  

This would be one of the ideas, others will come as far as progress in my work and with the help of  collaborative working groups as

Have a great day

Julia Echeverria Moran

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