Encuesta sobre aprendizaje informal / Informal Learning Survey (Proyecto TRAILER)

EU LLP TRAILER (Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences – http://www.trailerproject.eu) project aims to identify, tag and incorporate to the learner’s/worker’s portfolio evidences about informal learning. This should allow to the institution recognize these competences and establish an interesting dialogue with the learner/worker.


In the scope of this project is necessary to know what does it mean for both students/workers and teachers/employers informal learning? Then if you’re interested in informal learning please fill out the survey that you can find in http://agora.grial.eu/trailerproject/es/dissemination/ according to your profile.




El proyecto TRAILER (Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences – http://www.trailerproject.eu) del programa Lifelong Learning de la Unión Europea tiene como objetivo identificar, etiquetar e incorporar al porfolio del estudiante o del trabajador evidencias y experiencias sobre aprendizaje informal. Esto debe permitir a la institución reconocer estas competencias y establecer un diálogo con los estudiantes o trabajadores.


En el ámbito del projecto TRAILER es necesario conocer qué significa, tanto para los estudiantes o trabajadores como para los profesores o empresarios, el aprendizaje informal. Por tanto, si estás interesado en e aprendizaje informal, por favor, rellena esta sencilla encuesta (http://agora.grial.eu/trailerproject/es/dissemination/) de acuerdo a tu perfil.



eLearning Training Days

GRIAL Group hosts from January 24th to January 28th the eLearning TraiEU Leonardo da Vinci Programmening Days workshop, which are held under the auspices of the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO Project “ELearning in flamenco rhythm” (Ref. 872A8A24631B9423).

Twenty three Poland business-men, from around twenty companies which eLearning core activity related, will know the eLearning field in Spain, both from an academic and research point of view and also from the enterprise perspective.

The workshop agenda is divided into six different focuses.

  1. The State of Art of eLearning in Spain
  2. The emerging eLearning-based research lines in GRIAL group
  3. The State of the Art of Corporative eLearning
  4. The eLearning in Spanish Public Administration
  5. Cooperation possibilities in new eLearning projects under the EU Lifelong Programme
  6. Business meetings with Spanish companies interesting in eLearning activities
  7. Cultural and linguistic context of e-learning in Spain

We would like to thanks to InGaFor Poland, Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Educación – IUCE – of the Salamanca University, IBBM Consultores, ECLAP, Eventic, Salamanca Chambers of Commerce and APeL for their collaboration and support in the development of this project and this workshop.

Some materials and presentations used in the eLearning Training Days workshop:

  • GRIAL Research Group Presentation

  • GRIAL Main Research Lines and Results

  • Online Tutoring in Grial Group

  • Learning-Object Management for eLearning Systems

  • eLearning in Spain – Presentation