MIH. We meet us in the halfway

The MIH (Multicultural Interdisciplinary Handbook) EU Project is just in the middle of its duration. We have fulfilled the EU control conditions, this way the first interim report (completed with all the public deliverables) was sent and we have an external evaluation report that shows the strengths and weaknesses of MIH.

At this point, the coordinator team is happy with the milestones achieved, but we are doing a very strong reflection exercise in order to face up the second and last part of the project. In a few days we will publish a first year summary of the project with the most important information and the schedule for the current and future work packages. Also, we are working in a deep review of the public site contents and all the public deliverables will be published soon.

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Francisco J. García Peñalvo

Profesor Titular de Universidad / Director del Grupo GRIAL / Departamento de Informática y Automática

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