Your lives on social media vs adults

There are so many ways to use apps in our daily lives as apps exist. Our student compared how she uses social media in her own life with their parents’ use, both what apps and what practices. You can watch the video for results.

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Social Media Impact On Young People: How Do You Feel Without Your Keyboard?

İdil İclal Bağdu, DOĞA SCHOOLSHi, I am Idil Iclal Bagdu. I am 16 years old and I am a 10th grade student. I want to tell you the story of my project. Until a year ago, I had a difficult time with making friends. I spent most of my time at home with my phone and computer. However, during the second half of last school year, I had very nice friendships with the new students coming to our class and I realised that the people around me had reduced my time on the phone and on the computer while making me more social, more communicative. Then I realised that most of my friends around me prefer to spend time on the internet rather than face-to-face.

I focused my project on my environment, on the rapidly developing technology and on the impact on the socialisation caused by our  technological era. The rapid increase in internet usage and the increase in the number of the internet and gaming addicts has caused many of us to realise this problem, and this has led me to design this project. I would like to point out that my friends who are addicted to games also have an important place in the project. I thought that I could do something about this issue when my peers, who have problems socialising, are usually addicted to games and I realise that this situation gradually deteriorates their lives.

Especially in this age range (13-17), I think that the difficulties in socialising will weaken the individual in the future, and weaken their relationship with other individuals. If we think that people are social beings, we can say that each of us needs each other, we need to communicate, share and make ourselves a social entity.
Technology can accelerate communication and as it accelerates communication it can have a negative impact on our socialisation processes. Of course, online games are not the only factor to negatively affect socialisation but, considering this age range and today’s technology, we can say that online gaming addiction has a large share of the blame. Based on the above, and since I need to complete a term project for my school this year, I thought I should do a study on this subject and I started to do research with the help of my guidance teacher. In this study, I planned to research the effects of game addiction in teens aged 13-17, by taking into account the negative and positive factors affecting the socialisation process.
The hypothesis of my study was that when making classroom planning, students who are game addicts and have a lack of communication skills should be seated with those who use the internet for other purposes, and who also have developed communication skills. This could then gradually result in a positive change for game addicts from a socialisation point of view, thereby improving their communication skills.
In my study, adolescents spent time on computer games for a long time, preferring computer games to social events, wanting to leave social activity groups and lying about computer use and duration, having anger management problems when not playing a computer game and feeling depressive. These are common traits of game addicts.
As a result of my research, I tried to determine the effects of online games in a certain age range and to offer suggestions for improved behaviour. My recommendation was to include addicted students in the same class with students who are not addicted. After a set period of time, we carried out individual interviews and measured participants on a game addiction scale, in order to better understand the socialisation processes of the students. The change in behaviour we measured reflected our expectations. The preparation process for the project was really tiring for me, but I can say that it was fun.
Therefore, when writing the conclusion section, my stress was reduced, and when the project was completely over, I started to apply and wait for the result. Even though I received a good score when the results were explained, I was not able to take part in the regional exhibition because my score was still below average. This made me a bit sad but, a week ago, I received a mail which lifted my spirits again, so much so I am now writing this story.

I hope you like the subject and the story of my project. If there is someone who is addicted to online games around you or you struggle to socialise, you could benefit from my project. I think everyone is likely to have such an acquaintance because of the technology of our time. I think that this project is suitable for today’s technology and its problems, as it leads to a decrease in socialising and communication skills.

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Choosing a profession is important for people to live a happy life. Many factors come to the forefront in making career planning. Family, environment, material income, status, values, and goals affect the choice of profession. It will be beneficial for young people to discover their own talents and interests and to choose professions that they can be happy in the future. What is the choice of profession for young people, choice of profession should be done according to what they need to know about the professions that will survive and not to live in the future? Developing and changing life in the world also affects professions. As some professions have disappeared from the past to the present, some professions will not be in the future or will be replaced by other professions. As a result of research, we see that some professions are done by artificial intelligence and robots. Developments in science and technology show us that professions will change in 2050. We have worked on whether the professions to be selected by high school students will be in the future. While young people have knowledge about what professions will be in the future, it is determined that they do not have knowledge about whether the professions they choose will be in the future. At this point, it would be appropriate to have 2050 professional maps in our country. In addition, according to the changing and evolving needs of our education system, organizing courses and vocational guidance will be more healthy in this direction.

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Violence is a kind of behavior that occurs in every environment. It is the wrong type of behavior. Violence can lead to lasting physical and mental problems in exposed humans. One of the ways of prevention is to increase the sensitivity in this regard. The high sensitivity of the teachers will have an effect on decreasing the rate of violence against children in schools. Therefore, this study was intended to be performed with teachers. In the field of education on violence to children, it is aimed to measure whether teachers working at high school level are sensitive to one-dimensional. It is aimed to examine the views of high school teachers on gender, branch, education level and year of service. As a method, a questionnaire named duyarlılık sensitivity to violence against children it was applied. The scale applied to 69 teachers in high school level consists of 19 items. Article 5 will determine the fact that the child is insensitive to violence. The sensitivity of the 46 participants to the violence was high. Twenty of 69 respondents responded to these questions in such a way that their sensitivity to violence was low, or that they found it justified. It is recommended to determine the sensitivity level by applying the scale to the parents and the teachers working at the other level and to conduct studies to prevent violence.

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Before our project, created by the migration with Turkey after social İzmir example, political, cultural influences are evaluated. The country, region and city that received the most immigration were evaluated. Cultural changes in the migratory region and changes in the lives of migrants have been mentioned. As a result of our studies, it was observed that cultural differences caused communication problems in daily life. It has been mentioned that the migrant people have difficulty in making their place in the society. Cultural conflicts have often turned into tensions. location bridging between different continents and turkey has gained importance as Euro transition point among permanent migration. As of 2016, hundreds of people in the Aegean Sea have been killed in illicit boats with the hope of a new life. The effects of this refugee problem are discussed in detail.

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Values and technology have a power that affects society. Both society and people influence each other in terms of technology and values. The correlation between technology and values in this process of influencing and influencing can be positive and sometimes negative, depending on living conditions and internalization of values in these conditions. It is necessary to strengthen the relationship of technology to values and turn it into positive. The method of this is that it is possible not to think of technology independently of values. Because, together with the developing technology society, people tend to turn towards a structure that is deprived of their value. The solution of this seems to be possible through the construction of a society based on the relationship between values and technology. Society uses technological arguments based on communication, ie TV, telephone, social media, internet, etc. not use all of the tools away from their values; on the contrary, combining technological knowledge with benevolence, tolerance, and love; it should serve to lead a life that is intertwined with society. Moral values are important for the survival, peace, and health of society. In a society where values are lost, it may not be possible to mention that the progress of communicative technological arguments has a value. Many of the values can be abandoned in order to adapt to the developing technology in society. In short, the ways in which some people use communicative technological arguments can either be free from their values or completely independent of these arguments. The desired situation is not the relationship between rupture and divergence.

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Turks have the power of a supernatural connotation that deeply affects human beings. Turks are the most genuine stones of free, peace, love and tolerance, which are united with the Anatolian peoples. The heart of the Turkish people is the multiplier. All the elements in the locals are native; What one more is missing one. The folk songs which do not tend to surf and art are the most beautiful products describing the existence of people. They contain elements of their lives and thoughts. Dır Woman parç is the most important part of Turkish society since Central Asia. Both the fertility and the constructiveness of the man was sitting next to the continuity of the line. In this study, one of the most important of the literary genres motif folk songs kullanıl handled by taking the songs of the Bursa region and the motifs used in these songs women were asked to be highlighted. After searching the literature, the folk songs of Bursa region were analyzed by considering the subtleties of folk songs. Especially the ön woman ılmış traces are highlighted in this analysis. In the analysis, it is determined that m women are always present in the folk songs of the Bursa region. In addition, this kind of studies put the Turkish nation belonging to the foreground.

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For economic, social, political reasons, the migration of individuals or communities from one country to another, from one settlement to another, is called migration (TDK). Today, refugee migrations are one of the biggest mass migration movements in the world. The refugee is the definition of refugees who flee from political wars and wars. Today, Syrians constitute the largest group of refugees. The war which started in Syria in 2011 and continued in 2011 caused many people to die, to be displaced and to leave their country to take refuge in other countries. There are approximately 6 million Syrian refugees in the world (Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Immigration). In order to escape the war, Syrians abandoned their places and migrated to other places. This migration is the most affected countries bordering the motion was Turkey. Turkey has been the most affected by the migration of refugees from countries with geographic location as many years. In Turkey, Syrian refugees are living 3 million 618 thousand 634 today, according to official figures. The number of Syrian refugees in our country continues to increase day by day. This situation brings many social, cultural, economic and political problems in our country. Syrians live in many cities in our country. In this study, the point of view of the citizens of Turkey and the impact of migration refugee exodus to Turkey, Syria will be demonstrated by example.

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According to the sustainable development goal 5 ; Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Unfortunately, at the current time, 1 in 5 women and girls between the ages of 15- 49 have reported experiencing physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner within a 12-month period and 49 countries currently have no laws protecting women from domestic violence. Progress is occurring regarding harmful practices such as child marriage and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), which has declined by 30% in the past decade, but there is still much work to be done to complete eliminate such practices.

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Fire Sensor for the Visually-Hearing Impaired

Developed project hearing-visually impaired and even decreased the sense of smell to ensure that people are not victims of a fire. Thinking about this situation a sensor attached to the wall or ceiling in an environment that may occur and on the wrists of people, a wrist strap was taken from the sensor. Also considered to be developed in this project design can provide more convenience to people and even in small houses easily It may be used. Nowadays, especially in the case of fire, we particularly consider smart houses there are fire sensors in buildings. However, this project, the fire sensor more a simple mechanism, hearing-visually impaired people at the time of the incident aims to ensure that they leave in a short time.

This project can be considered as a less costly project. also

To use the mechanism in individuals who have no hearing impaired and who have lost their hearing. When they want the sensor, the fire immediately detects the smoke signal to the wristband

light can be provided. To be able to solve many problems in daily life as healthy individuals we have. However, as sensitive individuals, the need for disabled individuals in every sense

We emphasize that we should not forget their place in society.

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