A special presentation of the WYRED project

A major milestone for The Tel Aviv Summer University  program was achieved as the young students presented their projects in their graduation ceremony.
The program was led by Dr. Tal Soffer, head of The unit for technology and society foresight (TSF) at Tel Aviv University, and the Youth Summer University’s staff. The students were exposed to various issues related to the digital society in the present and in the future, focusing on the Israeli society. It was done through various tours in relevant places and lectures about different subjects. Following that, the students were asked to identify a problem that would be important in the year 2030, to explore it, analyze, and propose creative solutions that will engage with large audiences and reach the decision makers. The work was done in teams where the students could express their opinion in a moderated dialog.

During the graduation ceremony the WYRED project was presented, and the students showcased their projects to a wide audience including (no : necessary) senior representatives from  the Israeli Ministry of Education, researchers from Tel Aviv University, visitors from the third sector, educators and the families of the participants. 
You can have a small glimpse of two scenes video clip from one of the team projects, which deals with the refugees issue:

(Shown in the picture above : The young students are standing in front of a slide that says “Thank you” in a special font that combines letters in Hebrew and Arabic).

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El terrorismo de ETA

Autores: Mario Dueñas Carbayeda, Alejandro Marcos Campillo, Álvaro Píriz Sendín 
Este proyecto consiste en una web ficticia creada para explicar la historia del grupo terrorista vasco ETA, para comprender, con la perspectiva que da el tiempo, cuáles fueron las motivaciones de su existencia.
Reflexionar sobre el significado del grupo terrorista ETA en la construcción de la identidad vasca y los conflictos nacionalistas en España

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