WYRED Platform launch

WYRED Platform launch

The first version of the WYRED platform is now available. After months of development and internal testing, in which we have been working intensively, we started the public experimentation phase, initially open to small groups and controlled by the consortium partners. The environment will be tested with the collaboration of users of different age ranges and interests, with the aim of having a robust, reliable and safe system, able to adapt to the different uses that can be made of the platform in the framework of the project.

In the next months, these groups of users invited by the partners will carry out different activities, mainly oriented to the development of social dialogues. Small groups will also be invited to carry out collaborative projects and to present their results.

In this way, the WYRED environment will be ready to accept any initiative that fits in with the objectives of the project.

Welcome to the WYRED project


WYRED is based on the idea that all young people of all ages have a right to participation and engagement and we have a strong focus on inclusion, diversity and empowerment, especially of the marginalised. To explore effectively what is relevant for young people, and understand their needs it is necessary for them to set the agenda and for them to own and drive the process. Only then can we hear their voice clearly, without filters.

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Our Objectives


As society changes, there is a need to understand how it is changing, to explore what is going on. The WYRED approach places young people at the centre of this exploration. With the help of the partners, and using the WYRED platform, the young people who want to participate in the project will decide what themes need to be explored, what questions need to be asked, and how best to find the answers. They will then carry out this exploration in their own research projects, and decide how to present their results to society and to policy makers.

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