We are not wrong or alone

Hi there, I am Umut and I come from İstanbul. I am a student at Mimar Sinan Fine Art University. My university department is statistics.

I’m not just a student, I also work with LGBTİ+ group, women research’s, refugee children’s, women and LGBTİ+ in jail.

I am a LGBTİ+ activist since 4 years. I made conference about gender and equality in Boğaziçi, Koç, Sabancı, Marmara, Yıldız Technical, İstanbul Technical University. I am a defender of law for women, LGBTİ+, disabled people. Unfortunately in Turkey we don’t have much laws but we are still working on this. I am a queer person. Queer means basically someone who doesn’t have any gender or sexually orientation. I am not a man or women because I don’t need any socially gender identification.

If I love a person it means I fall in love with somebody who cares about me, he, she or any other kind of gender in the world. When I was I a child I knew myself but I could not tell anybody how I really felt. Like everywhere in world of course you can’t confess you are a LGBTİ+ person, because of your social community.

When I was 18 years old and went to university I refreshed my soul and I confessed that to my family and friends. They really supported me during that hard time. And I realized I had been through too many bad periods, but they had ended, so now I have to help other people who are alienated from their social community. My story began.

After those days I started working so that all people could live in peace and I will be working until the end because I know all persons are special and deserve to live and be treated as person. I will be working until all alienated people will be protected by the law. We are not wrong or alone.

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