Our environmental future

Wouldn´t it be great when our world looked like the symbolic picture for the environment project? In fact, we are far away from there. Big countries dissolve international agreements on climate change, other countries do not fulfil, what promised with regard to the reduction of CO2 emissions, there are even persons arguing that the climate change aas nothing but a lie. How can they? It is our planet and our future!

The following (digital) collage brings together some information on environmental issues and links the project to the YouTube-Video “Dear Future Generations: Sorry”. Should be seen by every decision maker in the field. 

Raise awareness for environmental issues affecting young peoples future

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Animal Protection

In a short text Romca – a dog – explains that it is a living being, having the right to be treated properly by humans. A list of organisations still using animals for different exeriments is shown. 
Raise attention on animals' rights.

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Waste of Food – Appeal to the EU

This project aims at reduction food waste in formulating an appeal to the EU. It is suggested 

1) Explain to consumersthat the expiration date does not mean, that the product is no longer consumable, but still – even for a long time after the best before date – can be eaten: The expiration date is no reason to throw away food!

2) Food waste is massively given, when especially vegetables and friuts are sorted out, just because they do not for to European norms. These products could be offered for cheaper prices to persons of lower economic status.



Reduction of food waste

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Radio interview on stress

Young people are taking over the roles of experts in the topic of stress and are asked in a radion intervies (mp3) how stress can be dealt wirh in eyeryday life. 
Give information how to deal with stress in daily life.

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School as it is.

At its birthplace

We have to face
the problem that this place where we struggle
does not need to be chased nor erased
just changed.
We have to face the fact that everything changes
with time
even though it’s not a crime, our system
we climb, has not.
And how do you want to make a change in
the world, in the future when the base
is still at its birthplace.


Where is Education
an unhealthy station is what I see
through sleepless nights and starving through days
to nourish ourselves with masses of textbooks instead
hydrate with information, no water
so tomorrow I can put pen down it all
and throw it all out once again
now we can have a meltdown.
Pay attention around because that
is an illness that needs to be cured.


And no,
we are not unfocused
this all is just unspoken, look at the bigger picture
can’t you see it’s broken?


Game over or Time out?

our worth, defined by grades
behind all the shades, can’t you see we have
to perform well every day
yet under all the uniform, can’t you see we are bleeding
regardless of it all
yes, I will bring high performances daily
I’ll try
but trying is not enough
when really what for?

Get my A levels and forget about the information
I was fed for so many years
because after all these dropped tears and anxiety attacks
we finally did it, didn’t we?
But what actually?
surviving and living anxiously for several years
questioning our intelligence brutally due grading system
binge learning and forgotten answers.
Yes, yes, we did it.

this play act need to drop
it is a fact.
Like we are in some sort of game
trying to escape
while desperately reaching for the top.

Game over or Time out?

Face this case


Hope you see clearly now
a change, is more than needed

Hope you see clearly now
There needs to be more than just a degree
and some wannabee teacher
no more go to Yale or go to jail.

Hope you see clearly now
In this case “less is more”
should truly define this place we call school

May we can all exchange our knowledge
and deepest experiences
And may we can learn from that more than
written textbooks

May we travel and learn more on airplanes
than classrooms
learn more on our way to a destination
than our way to graduation
My we travel and learn from eager successful people
more than from science teachers.

May we share our favourite books and
sink and find ourselves in them
May we find peace in learning
because learning is great, why do we make it hard?
Because learning is important, and School is not.


Reflection on the educational system in form of a poem

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Digital Implants

This is a poem about the dangers of digital implants. For animals, especially for dogs, it is common practice to implant  RFID (Radion Frequency Identificatio) chips, in order to easily identify them when getting lost. Humans use implants in the size of rice grains for an “easy” way to open car-, house or officedoors, for e-banking,  to access the mobile or to provide medical data in case of emergency. These chips are not too expensive and can even be implemented in a piercing-studio. But do we really want a future like that?


Roses are red,

implants are small,

we don’t know whether they’re good at all.

What does the future hold,

Are we just being controlled?

Is surveillance the only goal?

Are we selling our soul?

Only the future will tell,


Sensitize for the danger of human digital implants.

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Tourism in China

Did you know that in 2016 China accounted for 21% of the world’s spending on tourism? This text deals with the fact that tourism can bring many economic and social benefits, particularly in rural areas and developing countries, but mass tourism is also associated with negative effects. Tourism can only be sustainable if it is carefully managed so that potential negative effects on the host community and the environment are not permitted to outweigh the financial benefits. Find out miore in the text attached!
Provide information about China and its tourism.

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What’s wrong with the education system

The project is carried out by High School students from “Hof HaSharon” regional high school in Israel. This group is called “Shfayim Community” in the WYRED platform

Number of participants: 14.  Age: 17
Project and topics discussed: What’s wrong with the education system and how it can be improved.

Summary of discussions:

The problem: What’s wrong with the education system in Israel – “vomiting the learned material”

During several meetings, discussions developed regarding the shortcomings of the education system in Israel as perceived by the participants. The discussion focused specifically on the difficulties that arise from the conduct of the current education system, which, in our opinion, makes our learning very difficult and hampers our ability to reach high level achievements. Highlights are listed below:

In the discussions we have reached the understanding that the current situation is very burdensome and does not allow us to maintain an efficient lifestyle that includes participation in additional frameworks other than the school.
We feel that the education system does not really see us as students, as individuals. Our feeling is that we are wasting our time memorizing material that will not help us in future. 
During the exams period, the students are under a heavy pressure. The teachers don’t consider us and our difficulties in this period, and give us a lot of homework. This doesn’t help to alleviate the pressure. 
We feel frustrated in particular because every teacher is sure the she is the only teacher, and gives a lot of homework without considering the assignments we get from other teachers.
All these  – assignments, homework, exams  – cause us to fail; Instead of helping us, the teachers only increase the burden, and they don’t understand that we have life outside of school.
At the end of the day, we feel frustrated from the school system, because the way it works today really makes our life difficult.
We want the school to pay more attention to values and less to grades. We want more meaningful learning, so that we learn necessary life skills, rather than memorizing the material.
Our desire is to change the teaching method, to apply the learned material in a useful way, and that the system find a better way to appreciate the student, besides exams.

Specific expectations from decision-makers:

Listening to young persons and understand them in order to alleviate the burden that students experience. They should come not just to hear us but also to really listen.
Changing the education approach and the curriculum. Reducing the workload and more consideration of students’ private lives.
To open the possibility for students to choose the topics of learning, namely allowing them to choose the subjects of study in a broader manner.
Reduce the number of compulsory subjects.
Changing the reform done in the high school curriculum, returning the start of matriculation exams to 10-th grade, and distributing the exams over the three years in high school.
The implementation of so-called “meaningful learning” in a clearer and broader sense.
To stop causing the students to just “throw up” the learned material, with an emphasis on changing the teacher-student relationship.
Especially to emphasize the significant reduction of pressure on high school students and the expansion of their activity possibilities after the school hours.


Planned artefact: Graffiti

We decided to present our frustration from the education system through a graffiti on the school wall. The aim is to arouse attention and awareness of the stressful situation that we experience as 11-th graders.

Proposed design of the Graffiti:

An image of a “hypnotized” person whose brain explodes due to extensive learning. To this image, we will add a statement that will express our frustration and feelings towards the Israeli education system.


To discuss the problem/shortcomings of the education system in Israel, from the perspective of high school students.

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Vittime di bullismo: la storia di chi in sé ha trovato la luce

Ci sono storie che godono a lungo della luce dei riflettori, altre invece, sono destinate a rimanere nell’ ombra. Queste ultime sono storie di una profonda sofferenza, di interminabili silenzi, di chi per paura o vergogna ha scelto di nascondersi. Ma è proprio a queste persone che dovremmo dar voce ed è per la medesima ragione che ho deciso di raccontare,entrando in punta di piedi nell’ emisfero  della sua solitudine,l’ esperienza di una delle tante vittime di bullismo. Non possiamo più ignorare,voltarci dall’ altra parte. L’ informazione e la parola sono forse ad oggi  gli unici due strumenti in grado di risvegliar le coscienze e di permettere alle stesse vittime di trovare la forza di dire basta: basta all’ umiliazione, alla sopportazione,al dolore. 

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I giovani e il mondo del lavoro

Ciao a tutt*! Mi chiamo Elisabetta Svolacchia e studio Scienze politiche per la Cooperazione e lo Sviluppo all’ università degli Studi di Roma Tre. Con la mia ricerca ho deciso di approfondire il rapporto dei giovani e il mondo del lavoro, ponendomi quattro interrogativi: esiste un divario tra i desideri lavorativi dei giovani e l’ effettiva possibilità di realizzarli? Quali sono gli strumenti che vengono usati oggi nella ricerca del lavoro? Il lavoro sta subendo una progressiva democratizzazione o le barriere socio-economiche sono ancora influenti? I giovani sono consapevoli degli effetti della crisi sul mondo del lavoro? Se anche voi vi siete posti i miei stessi interrogativi o se siete curiosi di vedere le risposte che ho ottenuto, potete leggere la mia ricerca!


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